„Diligence and quality – our very own Made in Germany cachet.
Rooted in the special virtues of the Münsterland region.

"Stay hungry, stay foolish" – we like this saying by Steve Jobs. Realising off-the-wall ideas is inspiring, gives one direction, establishes a position on the market. It takes courage to "stay foolish", and a healthy open-minded attitude also helps."

"We two brothers at the helm of the company are a perfect match." We have the same fundamental stance when it comes to strategies and technologies, perfection and quality. We share the same eye for detail. And a love of our work – the continuation of a family tradition."

"We can count on our staff for exceptional workmanship and a willingness to put in that extra time and effort when need be. They knuckle down as necessary. That's the only way of coping with individual tasks."

"Interior finishing and trade fair construction are the two mainstays of our company. Our father got the business up and running in 1956 and we have continued and developed it. We can rely on a good network in the Münsterland – a region with a strong emphasis on the manual trades."

"It is not by chance that we carry out a great deal of work for the automobile industry. Our personal fascination with cars kicks in here – and our customers appear to sense this."

"We frequently work abroad. We have learned to prepare these overseas projects with the utmost precision. One cannot afford to overlook even the minutest detail here. These are attributes that we developed very early on in our history and which are valued by our customers – our definition of "Made in Germany".