„We know our trade. And we know our capabilities.
We offer standards you can rely on.“

"Like every business, we have our own structure, our own quality standards which require a high degree of perfectionism. The region in which we are based works to our advantage in this respect: the people here are quick to get to grips with things and tend to be good with their hands."

"The main focuses of our work are fair stands and interior finishing. Carpentry remains the defining trade. And as ever, high precision and accurate workmanship down to the last millimetre are crucial here. This means that working for us is no easy matter. It's a job for skilled specialists."

"Wood continues to be the predominant material at our company, and our facilities focus primarily on wood machining. We also apply our perfection and precision from the area of wood to the new materials which have entered into use over the decades, however. As a result, we are also at home in other areas and with other types of work which have arisen over the years. We have always been keen to explore new opportunities and challenges."

"We set high standards. Skill and perfectionism are quite simply a must at all levels – including among our long-standing staff. Accordingly, our networkers need to be on our wavelength, too."

"The aim is to fulfil the expectations of our customers, who appreciate all the merits of a highly professional set-up. We're happy to go the extra mile, because the response that we reap makes it all worth while."