„The sketch is the key to a creative involvement.
Embodying a wealth of experience.“

"The sketch is a form of communication cherished by architects and designers. Putting pencil to paper is in our blood, too. Customers appreciate that. Although today's design language is rather of the computerised variety. But sketching out a solution in the course of a discussion goes beyond the realms of CAD and calls for a well-versed hand, embodying knowledge, experience and conviction. As such, the sketch is something of a Gehling USP."

"Virtually every job is a one-off, as projects acquire an ever more individual character, each one posing fresh challenges. We are able to draw on our experience to offer our customers swift suggestions regarding technical solutions and the appropriate materials – cooperation and service that really come into their own when schedules are tight."

"Dealing with this endless succession of tasks and solving them at short notice in an efficient and cost-effective manner means stress at the time, but it is always a nice feeling when everything works out. You need to be on your toes all the while in order to recognise critical aspects in good time for a successful outcome – it all boils down to experience."

"Another strength borne of experience is our internal communication. Our great mutual understanding and trust mean that there is often no need for words. Without this innate closeness of a family business, it would not be possible to maintain such a high standard of performance."